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For most effective delivery solutions, we use multiple warehouses across the globe, therefore orders may arrive in multiple parcels. This is to make sure orders will reach You as soon as possible and in perfect condition.

Generally the answer is yes! However there are some exception as our delivery partners are unable to deliver to: India, China and some Islands. This is very rare we will not be able to ship parcel to Your destination, however if this happens we will notify and refund within our 1-5 business days order processing time. You can always contact us at for more information with Your full address and we will be able to give more accurate estimated delivery time for Your records.

Maximum delivery time is 50 Business Days, however based on our records most parcels reach customers sooner and are estimates are as follows:

2-3 weeks for for most Asian Countries (except India and China)

2-4 weeks for United states, Australia and most European Countries

4-6 weeks for Canada, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Philippines etc.

Please note some parcels to Countries in South America, Africa and other developing countries may take longer to arrive (no longer than 50 Business Days)

The answer is yes! When Your order is ready to be shipped, shipment confirmation with tracking number and delivery company will be emailed to You. Courier we use will be based on size and weight of the parcel. If you have not received tracking information up to 5 days after your order was placed or You need further assistance please get in touch at

Our order processing time is 1-5 business days once received all order details and cleared payment. 

For logistical and processing reasons, items from same purchases can sometimes be sent in separate parcels. You will never be charged extra shipping if received more than 1 parcel! In case of any other questions more information is available at

All products are quality checked before shipment, however sometimes may get damaged during delivery process which is very rare. If You not satisfied with your order, please send us Your order details with explanations and pictures for better problem understanding so we can quickly help. In case of any returns or refund related issues we will refund or resend products within 24 hours from request received.

All international duties, taxes and additional tariffs are covered and included in sale price. In case of any import tax related issues please contact for assistance.

For all worldwide orders over $39.99 there is no shipping fee. Any order below $39.99 will cost $1.99 to be shipped.

We have 2 active discount codes 'SAVE5' for orders between $20-$50 eligible for -5% off and 'SAVE10' for orders $50+ eligible for -10% off.

Nail forms have different sizes and shapes which are designed to meet most users needs, however will certainly not meet the needs of everyone. To fit them better you can cut and fold them to fit fingers better. To be 100% sure it's recommended to go to Your local store, try some nail forms for best size and place Your order.

If your poly gel pops off, please do not use too much slip solution which can lead to popping. Reducing amount of gel and using less slip solution can help. It is likely You just need more practice to master the method, remember the more practice the better it will get. Always give Yourself more patience than You see on tutorial videos.

Curing with UV/LED lights is recommended by manufacturer and will make Your nail extensions stronger, for best results we recommend to cure with LED lights.

Depends from experience and quality of application lasts about 21 days if done properly.

Our recommended and effective ways to remove Your poly gel extensions without any unnecessary damage to Your natural nails are drill machine or acetone. 

Each bottle should last about 5 applications for 10 fingers, so 50 fingers all together. This depends on how thick or thin Your applications are.

By adding little bit of slip solution and two or more colors You can mix them for unique designs. Don't forget You can also decorate them on top with nail varnishes.

Depends on personal preferences it can be soaked off, however it's much easier and faster to file.

Yes, slip solution makes it easier to brush out smoothly, without slip solution polygel would stick to the brush because of its consistency.

Unlike rigid acrylics, polygel offers lightweight, stronger & flexible nail enhancement option, making them more suitable for those on the go with busy lifestyle and various activities carried through the day. This is because poly gel nails are less likely to break as boasting an ability to bend more than acrylics. This is also less likely to cause damage to underlying nail base.

Most people do not paint their nails all the way to the base so that the nail polish, acrylic poly gel or other nail product doesn't lift or separate due to the nail growing or skin oils. You can keep polygel nails on for about 3 weeks, therefore especially important with polygel nails.

Our polygel products doesn't include any harsh ingredients or adhesives that leads to nail damage. Our polygels are made with non-toxic and harmless ingredients, color resistant, shiny resistant and low odour. Our polygels are also more flexible than acrylic and stronger than hard UV gel, however lighter than both so easier to control and perfect for beginners. For all beginners we recommend our polygel kit sets with all You need included.

The answer is yes! Unlike regular tips, dual forms are reusable. After cured completely, polygel should come off the dual form.

If you ran out of slip solution, do not worry! You can also use isopropyl alcohol 70% or stronger. Please take extra care when using concentrated alcohol and avoid skin contact.

Yes, cover the surface of your nails with soaked acetone completely. Use aluminium foil pieces to wrap your fingers separately. The less air you'll let inside the quicker the process and the faster polygel gets loosened. Acetone should take round 10-12 minutes to do the job.

The answer is yes! There is no reason against polygel to be used on toes.

Any good quality synthetic brush will do the job, we recommend anything close to size 10 depending on Your nails size of course and whatever is easiest for you to operate with. 

For best results polygel should be stored in a cool dry place avoiding direct sunlight.